Integrating your own website

Our supported IDX website providers are listed here.

If you have a custom website, you have a few different options for integrating with Follow Up Boss.

1. Use Zapier to connect a service like Wufoo Forms or Unbounce landing pages to Follow Up Boss.

2. Build a custom integration with our API.

3. Use the format and have those emails sent to Follow Up Boss.

4. Use Zapier Parser to send in leads to Follow Up Boss via email parsing.

5. Use the below format on your form emails and request your email address from

You can use this format if you would like to forward leads manually into the system or can setup your website forms to send in this format. This involves editing the email notifications your form software sends (not how your form looks or works on the frontend of your website).

We recommend Jotform as an easy to use form software.

Note: Only email address is required, and you can use the shorter format if you don't have all the other information. 

Full format:

Name: John Smith
Phone: 206-555-5555
Price: $135,000
Source: My Awesome Website
Notes: Some notes goes here

Shorter format:


Note the subject line is not important for parsing, but will be displayed in Follow Up Boss.

You may also use our more  advanced email parser (which includes property details).