To send a text, open a lead profile and click the "Text" tab.  Enter your message and then click Send Text. If it's your first time texting someone, make sure to include your name and company at the end of the text so the recipient knows who you are.

When someone replies to you, the reply will show up under their contact record and also in your "Inbox" if you are the assigned agent.  If you have enabled Desktop Notifications in Follow Up Boss, we'll also send you a desktop notification if you are logged in via the web.

Texting Numbers

Texts will be sent from your virtual Follow Up Boss number. This is a unique number assigned to your team (it's not possible for us to use your own mobile phone number). You can find this number under, "My Settings."

Follow Up Boss Number FAQs

What happens if a lead calls/texts this number?

If a lead calls this number, the call will be routed to the number listed on the assigned agent's settings page. If a lead texts this number, we will notify the assigned agent. Learn more about  Follow Up Boss Notifications.

Can I change this number to a new area code?

Yes. Keep in mind this will change the number for your entire team, and render your current number immediately inactive. This can be done under the text section of an action plan.

What if an agent is using the Follow Up Boss calling feature?

Follow Up Boss has a  calling feature that's popular for use with ISAs and agents making high volume calls form their desktop. 

If someone has the FUB dialer enabled,  texts to their contacts will be sent from their unique Follow Up Boss number.

Can I send mass texts?

We currently don't allow mass texting in FUB because this is a form of marketing that requires an opt in from your clients. Most, if not all of your leads in FUB, have not opted in for that type of communication. We recommend calling or texting your hot leads and focusing on those first. Our initial auto-responder texts via action plans are also a great way to gauge whether or not a lead will want to communicate with you via text.

Texting from Your iPhone and Notifications

On the iPhone, you will also receive a push notification when you receive a new text. This video shows how you alerted and where to turn on notifications:


Enabling Notifications Within the App:

Choosing Notification Options:  You can do this from the notifications center in your iPhone. Settings > Notifications > Follow Up Boss

Android Mobile Notifications

The new v2 Android app includes texting and text alerts. You can get it  here. Note: The texting feature on the Android app is only available on devices running Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or later.

Sending a Message on Mobile

When you click the message icon, you have the option to send a text through your virtual Follow Up Boss number or your regular mobile phone number.