Action Plans

Watch this quick video explaining how action plans work. It covers setting up action plans, applying action plans to leads automatically, and manually pausing an action plan:

On the contact screen, you can see action plans applied to that contact on the right side. By default, only a few running action plans are listed. Click on the "Show all" link to see all action plans applied to that contact including completed and paused action plans:

You can click on the action plan name to see more information, including the steps that were executed and the steps that are scheduled in the future:

Delaying the Initial Text Message

For a more natural appearance, the initial text message sent to new leads may be delayed by a period of minutes. You can set a delay while editing an action plan just below the box to write the content of the text message.

Unsubscribing from Action Plan emails

Each Action Plan email will display an unsubscribe link, which your leads can click to unsubscribe. 

When a lead unsubscribes from an Action Plan email, they will be auto-tagged as "Unsubscribed" in your FUB database, which prevents them from receiving Action Plan emails in the future:

In the lead's timeline in their FUB profile, you can also see the email from which they unsubscribed:

What time action plan emails are sent?

  • Initial email configured for the 1st day is sent immediately after the action plan is applied to a person
  • Other emails configured for the 2nd day or later are sent daily from 11:30am to about 5pm Eastern time