Lead Flow, Assignment & Groups

Automated lead assignment

The lead flow screen lets you select whether a new lead is assigned to a particular person or group for each lead source. You can also choose a lender to assign a new lead to and select an action plan to be applied automatically when the lead comes in.

To configure lead assignment based on zip code, price, and other criteria, click Advanced Settings link (more info):

You can archive lead sources to reduce clutter on the Lead Flow screen:

When you archive a lead source, FUB asks if you want just hide the lead flow from the screen or stop processing any more leads from that source:

If you select "Just Archive", the lead source will be hidden from the Lead Flow screen; however, if a new lead comes from that source, it will be added in Follow Up Boss and the corresponding lead flow rule will be unarchived automatically.

If you select "Archive and ignore future leads", FUB will not add any new leads coming from that lead source.

You can also view archived lead sources by selecting "Archived" in the drop-down in the top right corner:

When viewing archived lead flow rules, you can unarchive them to resume processing those leads if that was previously disabled:


Leads are distributed to the users in each group from left to right. The next user in a group that will receive a lead is highlighted.

You can also set a group to first-to-claim. All members of a first-to-claim group are notified at the same time about a new lead and can claim the lead on their phones. See our First to Claim article for details.

Advanced Lead Routing

Do you need to route leads based on criteria like price and location? If so, check out our Advanced Lead Flow Options.