Sharing your email with others

Follow Up Boss tracks email communication with contacts in your system. The "Sharing Emails" feature allows others to see emails exchanged between you and a contact.

Access the "My Settings" screen in the top right hand corner of the app by clicking your name first.

After an email address is connected, check the "Share emails" box below, and click "Save" to share emails related to contacts in Follow Up Boss with your team.

Brokers/Admins: Your email content is shared on all contacts. 

Agents/Lenders: Your email content is shared only on contacts that you are assigned to or a collaborator on.

Email Privacy
Note that for email privacy, if a contact is assigned away from an agent, the prior email correspondence will remain shared, but any future correspondence will not be visible. This prevents situations where an agent's partner/lender/doctor/etc. may be in the database and personal emails are being shared without the agent being aware of it.