Why was my action plan's initial text message queued?

In order to boost lead engagement and comply with FCC regulations, Follow Up Boss will not send out action plan  autoresponder text messages from 9pm - 8am, based on the local time of the agent that the lead was assigned to. The text message will be sent at 8am the following morning. 

Note: This delay does not apply to emails that are scheduled to send immediately via action plans – those emails will still send immediately, as soon as the lead flows into FUB.

Automatic Cancellation

If any contact is made between the lead and assigned agent (via FUB text, email, or call) before 8am, then the queued autoresponder text message will be automatically cancelled. This is to prevent the lead from receiving a text message meant as an initial contact point after contact has already been made. When the queued text message is cancelled, it simply disappears from the lead's timeline.

Note: Automatic cancellation does not apply if your action plan sends an email immediately after the plan begins.

Manual Cancellation

You can also manually cancel a queued text message before it is sent by clicking on the cancel link on the text message item from the lead's timeline.

Mobile Apps Support

At the moment, Follow Up Boss mobile apps will show quiet hours' queued text messages as if they have already been sent. We will be updating our mobile apps to correct this discrepancy soon. You can always check the desktop version of Follow Up Boss if you are confused about whether a text message was sent, or is queued.