Mojo Sells Integration

The Mojo integration syncs your Mojo leads to Follow Up Boss. This is ideal for when you make contact with someone while prospecting Expireds and FSBOs in Mojo's dialer and want to transfer them to Follow Up Boss for further follow up.

Mojo has recently made updates to the integration to sync custom stages and smart lists from Follow Up Boss 2. 

If you are calling leads who are already in your Follow Up Boss, you might want to use our built in calling feature.

How to set it up

1. Copy your Follow Up Boss API key from the My Settings screen

2. Log in to Mojo Sells and click Settings

3. Click the Follow Up Boss drop-down, check "Use Follow Up Boss" and enter API Key then click "Set"

4. Click "Manage stages" and select the stages you would like to sync

Note: There are three options depending on if you want to not sync that stage, sync from Mojo to Follow Up Boss, or sync both ways. You can also select to only have your not contacted leads populate if you wish. Contacted is a status inside Follow Up Boss.

5. Click sync

A summary of the synced contacts will appear. If you have more than 50 contacts, you will need to sync in multiple steps.

How it works in Mojo

Stages are synced to what Mojo calls "Lists".

A special Follow Up Boss icon appears so you can easily tell which stages/lists are synced.

Notes from Mojo are synced to Follow Up Boss.


What is Mojo Sells?

  • Mojo is a dialer program that lets you quickly call lists of leads. You can get more information at

What data/information syncs from Mojo to Follow Up Boss?

  • Basic contact info (name, address, phone) 
  • Notes

How do you sort by last added in Mojo?

  • Add the "Edit Date" to the lead columns and sort by that field

Known issues:

1. Importing via CSV, and then setting a contact to a FUB stage in Mojo will create a duplicate record

  • Do not import via CSV. Delete contacts you wish to work with in FUB that were imported via CSV and import them via the stages or smart list Mojo integration instead. The contacts imported via FUB integration will not cause duplicates to be created.

2. Updating the "manager" field in Mojo will not update the assigned agent field in FUB.