Connecting Your Email in FUB

This is where to find and change your login and connected email in Follow Up Boss:

Login Email = Email address we send FUB notifications to (new lead alerts, for example) and the email for the mail merge field used on emails and email signature.

Connected Email = The email address we sync to and the address emails are sent from when you send emails through FUB.

Note: The login and connected email addresses can be the same.

These are the benefits of connecting your email to Follow Up Boss:

  • Sync Sent and Received Emails to/from FUB contacts
  • When lead replies to a drip email, the action plan is stopped automatically
  • Emails are sent directly from your email provider
  • Removes the small "sent via" message
  • Email will appear in your regular "Sent Mail" folder (Gmail / Google Apps only)
  • Google Calendar Integration (Gmail / Google Apps only)
  • Process lead notifications from supported Lead Providers (Gmail / Google Apps only)

How to Connect your Google Email

1. Go to "My Settings" screen in top right menu.

2. Click "Connect with Google" and follow the steps to permission access to your account. If you are signed in to multiple Google accounts, you will need to select the correct account and sign in.

How to Connect an email other than a Google account

Please email and we will give you a link to connect your email. Please note: We require that you have IMAP settings to be able to connect your email. 

How to enable sharing of your email with your team

To share your email with your team, you need to check this box in My Settings: